Dark skinned women I adore you.




Asami Sato and her ten Outfits




Reminder that the plot for the Matrix was stolen FROM a black woman BY a white transwoman (look up the court case, she sued and won - because she submitted a script and it was denied and then used without giving her credit).

Don’t get it twisted in the search for…

The real author of the Matrix also wrote the Terminator too and should go down in history as one of the most successful scifi writers in history. Not only that, the new installment of the Terminator series will be the first time she will be credited and will assume proper ownership of royalties associated with the license because she won her 2 billion dollar law suit.

Her name is Sophia Stewart.

We should all know her name, and we don’t FOR REASONS. No offense, but fuck everyone who plagiarized and deliberately profited from her work without giving her credit.